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Production Bases

As one of national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, Guangdong Qiaofeng Industry Stock Co., Ltd., founded in 1986 and reorganized in 1995, is a deep-processing seafood export enterprise integrating fishing, aquiculture, technology development, production and sale. The Haimen harbor where our company is situated, a national central fishing port, is blessed with unique geographic environment, which lay a good foundation for our seafood processing, fishing, and aquiculture.

Through 20-odd-year development, our company has become an internationalized industrial group based on technology. Currently, We have several seafood deep-processing bases and domestic & overseas marketing institutions; we also have established production factory and large-scale cool house up to international hygiene standard. Our company is well-quipped with advanced production equipment, has 3000 well-trained employees. Our company has set up our own fishing fleet and aquiculture bases. We are equipped with refrigeration and preservation equipment which is the most advanced in this century, i.e.the screw refrigeration unit and IQF refrigerating unit; the low-temperature cold stores and high-temperature cold stores. We have our own laboratory can provide microbiological and chemical tests for food.

•  The air system in production clean area can be readily adjusted according to instructions, maintaining the production environment at 300000-grade clean standard. The cleanness and sanitation of the production air is above the national standard.

•  The production facilities are imported from Japan . Sixteen critical quality control points are connected to the computer VI system, recording all operators' real working, which make the whole production process in a good order.

•  Every employee must be passed the 7-step clothes changing and sterilization before entering the production area.

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